IMMORTALIZED: Timeless Idols: Pinups and Pinstripes

August 2014


"Moonrise Owl"

Caia Koopman

14 x 11 inches  Acrylic on Board

"Accidental Play"

Nicole Waszak and Ryan Myers

11 x 14 inches  Acrylic, Oil, and Paper, on Board


Victor Roman

24 x 18 inches  Oil on Board

"Pinup in Lace"

Victor Roman

24 x 20 inches  Oil on Panel

"Day of the Dead Pinup"

Victor Roman

24 x 20 inches  Oil on Board


Brianna Angelakis

16 x 12 inches  Oil on Canvas


Bob Carlson

Size: Medium, 10 x 10 x 10 inches  Variegated Gold Leaf & Enamel

"Untitled (Wheel Disk)"

Bob Carlson

16 x 16 inches  Enamel


Bob Carlson

16 x 16 inches  Lettering, Enamel & Gold Leaf

"Natural Patina"

Jennifer Anichowski

18 x 18 inches  Oil on Panel

"Flying Bones"

Steve Waldron

21.5 x 14.5 inches  Mixed Media on Illustration Board

"Zen and Zang"

Steve Waldron

12 x 12 inches  Sharpie on Illustration Board

"Silhouette "

Steve Waldron

12 x 12 inches  Doutone

"2 Kats"

Jean-Marie Michalski

30 x 20 inches  Digital Photography

"Red Roadster"

Jean-Marie Michalski

30 x 20 inches  Digital Photography

"No Par Queen"

Brit Antrim

24 x 18 inches  Photograph on Gallery Canvas

" to be your housewife"

Michelle Ferrera

12 x 12 inches  Pencil & Mixed Media on Wood

"Dune's Room"

Christina Preiss

11 x 14 inches  Photograph


Christina Preiss

8 x 16 inches  Photograph

"Going My Way?"

Mike Bell

12 x 12 inches  Acrylic on Board

"Half a Brain"

Andy Meeh

15 x 17 inches  MetalFlake, Acryllic Urethane

"Carta Blanca"

Andy Meeh

35 x 16 inches  Automotive Urethane, Metalflake, Wood


Will Gibson

5 x 4 inches  Platinum/Palladium Print


Scott Rohlfs

24 x 18 inches  Acrylic on Masonite Wood Panel


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