10 Year Anniversary Show

June 2014


"Sweet Milk in Veins of Mommy's Little Girl"

Jana Brike

19.75 x 13.75 inches  Mixed media on canvas

"Crestfallen Interlopers"

Pamela Wilson

60 x 30 inches  Oil on Canvas

"Birds of a Feather"

Aaron Jasinski

14 x 11 inches  Acrylic on Panel

"Love Plays Its Tune"

Cathrine Edlinger-Kunze

22 x 20 inches  Acrylic on Linen

"Garden of Promises"

Jon Jaylo

28 x 23 inches  Oil on Canvas

"Stenographer "

Christopher Polentz

15 x 15 inches  Acrylic on Wood Panel in Hand Made Frame

"Lost & Found in a Sea of 503 Faces"

Blaine Fontana

22 x 19 inches  Acrylic on Panel


Kari-Lise Alexander

21 x 18 inches  Oil & Acrylic on Panel

"A Slippery Slope"

Shay Davis

11 x 14 inches  Oil on Canvas


Andy B. Clarkson

21 x 17 inches  Acrylic on Illustration Board

"Vanitas #2"

Pedro Matos

7 x 9.5 inches  Oil and Fire on Canvas


Denise Bledsoe

10 inches tall  Mixed Media

"There is no Tomato"

Henry Schreiber

16 x 12 inches  Oil on Panel

"California Girl"

Scott Rohlfs

24 x 18 inches  Acrylic on Masonite Wood Panel


Brianna Angelakis

16 x 12 inches  Oil on Canvas


Edith Lebeau

12 x 12 inches  Acrylic on Wood


Andy Haynes

10 x 7 inches  Watercolor on Paper

"Prey Before Slumber"


7 x 5 inches  Acrylic on Board

"Low Tide"

Kelly Vivanco

8 x 8 inches  Acrylic on Panel

"The Showdown"

Joshua Clay

9 x 12 inches  Acrylic on Panel

"L’inconnu II"

Kaspian Shore

7 x 5 inches  Acrylic washes and iridescent paint on Arches paper, varnished

"Psycho Apprentice practicing..."

Josh Taylor

6 x 12 inches  Acrylic, ink, and collage on wood panel


Mike Bell

20 x 20 inches  Acrylic on Canvas

"Dandy Lion (Taraxacum inflomus-leo)"

Heather McKey

5 x 7 inches  Acrylic on Wood


Gabe Leonard

22 x 37 inches  Acrylic Enhanced Artist Proof Giclee on Canvas from an edition of 7


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