Break a Leg

August 2011



Holly Wood

14 x 11 inches  Acrylic Gouche on panel

"The Forbidden Tome"

Matthew Price

14 x 11 inches  Oil on Canvas

"Little Emily Eaten Up"

Jana Brike

8 x 10 inches  Digital and oil on paper mounted to board, 1/1

"If Life's a Stage, We're Terrible Actors"

Alex Boston

8 x 14 inches  Acrylic on Wood

"To be or not to be"

Jessica Ward

14 x 11 inches  Graphite on Paper

"Live at the Firehouse"

Jenn Porreca

8 x 6 inches  Oil on wood panel

"Releasing His Butterflies"

Bonnie Durham

10 x 10 inches  Acrylic on Wood

"Stage Presence"

Aaron Jasinski

12 x 12 inches  Acrylic on panel

"Chinatown 2: The Musical"

Eliot Greenwald

14 x 12 inches  Pencil, Acrylic and Watercolor on Plywood



6 x 4 inches  Collage

"For most actors, success is achieved through study, struggle, preparation, infinite trial and error, training, discipline, experience and work -- for Little Timmy, success is acheived through keeping "

Dan Barry

  Paper, mechanical pencil, acrylic paint, scotch tape


Casey Weldon

11 x 14 inches  Acrylic on wood

"Despite her parents' righteous determination, Baby Haley dreamed to follow her own path"

John Purlia

8 x 14 inches  Digital C Print on Photographic Paper

"The Show Goes On"

Brett Hess

10 x 8 inches  Acrylic on Wood

"Gus (The Theater Cat)"

Edward Robin Coronel

10 x 8 inches  Acrylic on Canvas Board


Denise Bledsoe

14 inches tall  Mixed media


Denise Bledsoe

12 inches seated  Mixed media

"And the Oscar Goes To..."

Denise Bledsoe

6.25 inches tall  Mixed media

"The Theater of Dionysus"

Josh Taylor

10 x 7 inches  Ink on paper

"Tallulah Bankhead"

Arabella Proffer

7 x 5 inches  Oil on paper

"Please be Careful"


2.5 x 2.5 inches  Acrylic on Canvas painted with Toothpicks

"Rose Dancer"

Ursula Young

9.5 x 7 inches  Ink on Paper

"In Character"

Pamela Jaeger

10 x 8 inches  Acrylic on wood


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