Distinction Studio Artists

June 2010


"Tree of Life at Salvation Mountain"

Philipp Scholz Rittermann

12.5 x 25 inches  Archival Pigment Print on Dibond

"On The Road #8"

Will Gibson

13.5 x 20 inches  First Printing Fuji-Flex Crystal Archive Face Mounted on 1/4 in. Plexi-glass 1/1

"Dame de Petrus"

James Ivey

20 x 16 inches  Oil on Board

"The Inevitable in RB"

Roel Jovellanos

24 x 8 inches  Acrylic on canvas


Rosemary Valente

22 x 27 inches  Oil on Canvas



20 x 16 inches  Acrylic on Canvas


Norma Brinker

30.5 x 20 inches  Arcylic on Canvas

"From The Deep"

Julie Arroyo

15.75 x 8.5 inches  Ink on Wood

"Light Crown"

Kelly Vivanco

18 x 8 inches  Acrylic on Panel

"A Plan is Hatched"

Lindy Ivey

17 x 15.5 inches Framed  Oil on Wood

"Jagged Kiss"

Kim Zuill

18 x 12 inches  Inkjet on Japanese washi paper

"Rincon Tree"

Major Morris

22 x 17.75 inches Framed  Photography

"The Woods: Special Places Series"

Judith Preston

10.5 x 13 inches  Chromogenic photograph

"San Jose Salt Flats"

Diane Hattula

36 x 12 inches  Oil on Canvas

"It Could Have Been Avoided"

Nick Mikesell

48 x 8 inches  Acrylic on Canvas

"Starlight Charm"

Velvet De Oro

14 x 18 inches  Acrylic, oil, and resin on fabric

"Hiding From My Kind"

Gloria Muriel

24 x 18 inches  Acrylic on Canvas

"Pepper Tree"

Darrel McPherson

30.5 x 10 inches  Oil on Canvas with Copper Guilding

"The Keeper of Secrets"

Tracy Mikesell

16 x 12 inches   Scratch Board and Digital Collage

"You're Forgiven"

Jennifer Anichowski

36 x 18 inches  Oil on Canvas

"Cielo Rojo (Red Heaven)"

Marco Chavez

20 x 16 inches  Photograph

"Drifting Towards Repose"

Skye Walker

16 x 12 inches  Acrylic and India Ink on Panel

"The Spill"

Desiree Fleck

20 x 20 inches  Watercolor, Colored Pencil, Permanent Marker, Acrylic

"Precious Moments The Day I Died"

Jamie Kaufhold

25 x 21 inches Framed  Mixed Media

"Surface Tension "

Neil Poyuzina

27 x 8 inches  Plaster and marble dust


Matin Nasim

  Poster Markers on Surfboard

"Black Mamba, She Still Loves You"

David Flynn

  Oil on canvas

"Legs With Umbrella"

Robert Barry

  Archival inkjet print

"The Shapes on The Ceiling"

Kendra Binney

15 x 21.5 inches Framed  Mixed Media and Resin on Wood

"Burned Trees, Independence"

Becca Siminou

26 x 24 inches  Fugi Crystal Print mounted to plex

"Wine Tasting"

Igor Koutsenko

4 x 6   Etching


Luis Castellon

12 x 16 inches  Oil on panel


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