ArtHatch Studio Artists

July 2019


"Earth Gems #19W131"

Lori Sutherland

18 x 18 inches  Mixed Media, Acrylic with Semi Precious Stones, Geode Shards and Resin

"Stand Here Triptych"

Robert Barry

13.75 x 11.25 inches, Framed to 16 x 20 inches   Archival Pigment Print

"Thinking about Charlie Parker"

Charles Ingham

4 1/2 x 6 1/4, Framed to 15 x 15  Archival inkjet print, Number 1 in an edition of 5


Martita Foss

24 x 24 inches  Mixed Media

"No rain, no flowers"

Carlo Miranda

16 x 20 inches  Oil on Panel

"Northern Lights at Kirkjufellsfoss, Iceland"

Mitchell Hill

16 x 20 inches  Limited Edition Giclee Print, Matted on Archival RB

"Pardon my French"

Astha Saini

9 x 12 inches, Framed to 10 x 13 inches  Ink on Paper


Evgeniya "Evgola" Golik

10 inches Round  Colored Pencils, Gold Acrilyc on Round Wood Panel

"Under The Skin, Maddie & Avia Rose"

Michael Walrond | SHDWSOFDUST

12 x 9 inches, Framed to 20 1/2 x 17 inches  Black and White Archival Pigment Print

"The Seeker"

Nonie Cruzado

12 x 9 inches, Framed to 17 x 14 inches  Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

"Road to Peace; Appomattox, VA"

Will Gibson

12 x 10 inches, Framed to 20 x 16 inches  Silver Gelatin Photograph from Infra Red Film

"Phx Ferocactus"

Roel Jovellanos

6 x 12 inches  Acrylic on Panel

"Boy with Camera - Self Portrait"

Major Morris

9 x 12 inches by 3/4 depth  Print on Wood - #1 out of 10

"Soul Glow"

Melissa Hyson

24 x 36 inches  Acrylic on Canvas

"Born Again"

Jessica Washington

11 x 8.25 inches Framed to 15.5 x 12.5 inches  Watercolor and Pen on Paper


Jasmine Sweeney

20 x 15 x 1/2 inches  Acrylic and Gouache on Canvas

"That's Enough!"

Elena Karavodin

16 x 20 inches, Framed to 21 x 25 inches  Oil on Wood Panel

"See Me Seeing You"

Tim Cline

20 x 16 inches Framed to23 x 19 inches  Oil on Canvas


Nancy Wiley

8 x 8 inches, Framed to 10 x 10 inches  Mixed Media: Acrylic on copper, wire weave around using base metals, copper and brass.

"Celestial Markings"

Victor Roman

33 x 8 inches  Oils on Skateboard


Aja Trier

16 x 12 inches, Framed to 23 x 19 inches  Oil on canvas

"Bird of Paradise"

Stephen Hough


"Jimi Hendrix"

Mike Bell

4 x 2 inches, framed to 10 x 10 inches  Graphite on Matchbook


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