Furs, Tails, Feathers, & Scales

June 2017



Sarah Catherine

18 x 14 inches  Oil on Canvas

"Weight of Love"

Armando Gonzalez

12 x 12 inches  Oil on Panel

"A Wild Desire"

Astha Saini

12 x 9 inches  Ink and Watercolor


Angela Richardson

12 x 16 inches  Acrylic on Canvas

"Among Giants"

Elena Karavodin

10 x 10 inches  Oil on Wood

"95 Months (Wait For Me)"

Nicole Waszak

10 x 10 inches  Acyrlic on Paper on Wood Panel


Jamie Kanes

12.5 x 9 inches  Acyrlic and Silver Leaf on Panel

"Kung Pao Panda"


16 x 20 inches  Oil on Wood


Brady Willmott

16 x 20 inches  Oil on Canvas


Dan Nougier

12 x 18 inches  Photograph

"Photographing Horses"

Charlie Ingham

Images 2.5 x 2.5 inches each  Archival Ink-Jet Print


Major Morris

4.5 x 6.75 inches  Photograph

"Mule and Me"

Jodie Hulden

10.5 x 7 inches  Archival Digital Print

"Orange Julia on Ranunculus"

Will Gibson

20 x 16 inches  Straight Photograph Pigment Print

"Buddha & The Giraffe Jerome, AZ"

Robert Barry

11 x 14 inches  Archival Inkjet Print

"Moonlight Over Borrego"

Sally Reis Vogt

16 x 20 inches  Photograph

"The Fallacy of Reality"

Hoss Cruz

36 x 12 inches  Oil on Wood

"Dragonfly in SC and DC"

Julie Halpin

8 x 8 inches  Watercolor and Ink on Paper

"Fam Fam"

Ronald Laurance

12 x 24 inches  Acrylic on Wood Panel

"November 11 Raven"

Nicolaus Seegel

16 x 20 inches  Acrylic on Canvas


Odette Rodriguez

16 x 20 inches  Oil on Canvas

"Blue Ruin"


20 x 14 inches  Photograph

"Lil and Sky"

Roel Jovellanos

24 x 12 inches  Acrylic on Canvas

"Foundation of Flight"

Jennifer Anichowski

36 x 18 inches  Oil and Paper on Canvas

"Flamingos Dreaming"

Mitchell P. Hill

5.6 x 12.8 inches  Giclee Print

"The Last Attractor"

Eusebio Travis Sevilla

16 x 16 inches  Acrylic on Panel

"A Wolf's Call"

Victor Roman

16 x 6 inches  Ballpoint and Acrylics on Birch Wood

"Wake Up Holly"

Ashley Gallagher

12 x 16 inches  Acrylic on Canvas


Michelle Hauswirth

16 x 8 inches  Acrylic on Canvas

"Free as a Bird"

Evgeniya Golik

14 x 11 inches  Acrylic, Colored Pencils, Gold Leaf on Wood panel

"KC Sunshine"

Gus Lezama

27.75 x 20 inches  Acrylic, Metallic Paint, and Resin on Wood

"Horse Head"

Nancy Wiley

1.5 x 1.5 inches  14k Gold and Sterling Silver


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