ArtHatch Studio Artists

July 2016


"Hold It Close For Safe Keeping"

Victor Roman

33 x 12 inches  Oil on Birch Panel

"John In The Mission District"

Robert Barry

10.4 x 15.5 inches  Archival Inkjet

"Wyoming Guest House"

Dan Nougier

20 x 20 inches  Archival Dye-Infused Metal Print

"Satchel Shreds"

Christina Preiss

20 x 14 inches  Photograph

"Sunday News"

Sally Reis Vogt

30 x 20 inches  Photograph with Face Mount Plexiglass

"Waikiki Surfboard Rack"

Ana Phelps

36 x 12 inches  Resin Coated Photograph on Wood

"The Space Between"

Jodie Hulden

6.5 x 6.5 inches  Photography, Archival Pigment Print

"Ms. Saturday Night"

Gus Lezama

36 x 24 inches  Paint and Plaster on Wood

"Sunrise, Zabriskie Pt. Death Valley CA"

Mitchell P. Hill

19.75 x 13 inches  Photography

"Electrify Me"


8 x 10 inches  Photograph on Archival Inkjet Paper

"I Once Took a Photography Class in College"

August Williams

20 x 16 inches  Archival Pigment and Photo Emulsion on Wood


Elena Karavodin

10 x 10 inches  Oil on Birch Panel

"Contemplating Haring"

Will Gibson

16 x 12 inches  Pigment Print Photograph


Armando Gonzalez

14 x 11 inches  Oil on Board

"Little King"

Jennifer Anichowski

8 x 8 inches  Oil on Paper


Michelle Hauswirth

23 x 14 inches  Handmade Paper, Watercolor, and Resin


November 11

24 x 18 inches  Acrylic on Canvas


Julie Arroyo

8 x 8 inches  Oil on Board

"Never Judge a (Comic) Book By It's Cover.."

Ashley Gallagher

20 x 20 inches  Oil on Canvas

"Unter Der Asche"

Hoss Cruz

16 x 20 inches  Oil on Canvas

"Bicycle Ride"


12 x 12 inches  Oil on Wood

"The Princess and the Basket Case"

Angela Richardson

20 x 16 inches  Acrylic on Canvas


Cameron Canales

13.5 x 10 inches  Ballpoint Pen on Paper

"If Only Half of This Were Not True"

Charles Ingham

2.25 inches each  Fifteen Archival Inkjet Prints, edition 1/3

"A Lavender Look Around"

Eusebio Travis Sevilla

8 x 8 inches  Acrylic on Panel

"Lignorunque Fronentium"


12 x 16 inches  Acrylic on Canvas

"Smoke On The Water"

Aja Kusick

18 x 24 inches  Acrylic, ink, enamel, holographic paper, glitter, and resin on .75 inch thick cradled wooden panel

"Mad Doctor"

Forrest Coloroso

20 x 16 inches  Acrylic on Wood


Jamie Kanes

18.5 x 12.5  Acrylic on Panel

"Nobody thinks tools are cool anymore so here are some shark teeth"

Matthew Land

21 x 12 inches   Oil on Canvas


Odette Lezama Rodriguez

16 x 20 inches  Oil on Canvas

"Looking Up"

Roel Jovellanos

36 x 12 inches  Acrylic on Canvas

"Elementary Physics "

Major Morris

9.5 x 7.5 inches  Black & White Photograph


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